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Features of DXN Marketing Plan

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Features of DXN Marketing Plan

  • Global Plan - One World One Market, One Global Network
  • Energy Saving Plan- With upward compression mechanism
  • Low Pressure, High Reward - Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout
  • Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding - International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc
  • Reward For Depth Expansion - Overriding bonus not limited to 5 generations
  • Better Reward For Width Expansion - Overriding % proportional to number of qualified lines
  • Flexible Network- Reward for both width and depth expansion
  • Fair Plan - Downline can overtake upline after they breakaway
  • Low Breakaway Target- Easily promoted and breakway from upline
  • Achievable Plan - Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
  • Retirement Plan- For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed
  • Win Win Plan - When downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %.
  • Combination Of static & Dynamic Plan - No drop in % for Distributor (6% - 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance
  • 14 Ranks For Promotion - More recognition for distributors
  • Two Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier - Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors.

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