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What Kind of Coffee do you drink?
Don’t really feel like giving up the joys of Coffee but would like to make more health conscious decisions, the solution is here.
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Frequently Asked Question - DXN USA

Frequently Asked Question - DXN USA

1. How can I become a DXN Independent Distributor?

  1. To become an independent distributor, you must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. A sponsor can introduce you.
  3. You must purchase a membership kit. Complete the membership application form in the kit, then return the original copy (white form) to Daxen, Inc. Or You can also choose to apply for membership online. Go to www.dxnusa.com and select Join DXN and then click on Sign Up button.

2. How can I purchase my membership kit?

  1. You can purchase a membership kit directly through your sponsor.
  2. You may choose to order a membership kit by calling (909)348-0188.You can also choose to apply for membership online. Go to www.dxnusa.com and select Join DXN and then click on Sign Up button.
  3. Purchase Through Service Center (see Service Center Directory)

3. What is included in the membership kit?

  • A membership application form
  • A Welcome Letter that includes your Instant Member ID
  • One bottle of RG30
  • One bottle of GL30
  • Product Brochure
  • DXN Business Plan and Policy and Procedure Booklet
  • DXN Company Profile and Product Booklet
  • Single Product Flyer Set
  • Multifold Brochure (English/Spanish)
  • Price List for Distributors and Consumer
  • Retail Receipts

4. Do I need to renew my Member ID?

Upon completing the membership application process, the membership ID included in the member kit shall become effective. There is no need to renew the Member ID. Please note that in order to maintain the Membership you are required to purchase at least 1 order within a year.

5. Is the Social Security Number/Tax Id compulsory?

Yes, the Social Security Number/Tax Id must be filled out in order for the application to be complete. The Social Security Number/Tax Id is to prove that you are legally working/doing business in United State of America. Daxen, Inc. will issue 1099 forms at the year-end to the independent distributor.

6. How can I sponsor a new distributor?

  1. You can pre purchase extra membership kits and sign your prospective downline directly.
  2. Your prospective downline can also call Daxen, Inc. office or go on-line directly to order a membership kit. (Remember to give them your ID Number and Name as this is required for their sign up procedure.)

7. How can I purchase the products?

  1. Directly visit Daxen, Inc. office located at565 Brea Canyon Road, Suite B Walnut, CA 91789
  2. Join the Monthly Autoship System, which will automatically place an order every month for you (Daxen will credit the charged amount between 1st till 10th of each month).
  3. Just call our office and we will proceed your order
  4. Send in Order form by fax or mail
  5. Place an online order through our website at www.dxnusa.com and select Join DXN and then click on Sign Up button.
  6. Purchase Through Service Center (see Service Center Directory)

8. How much is the Shipping and Handling Charge?

The shipping and handling charge is ONLY US$7.00 for a single invoice of a maximum of US$2,000. If you order online through www.dxnusa.com then the shipping and Handling Charge is ONLY at US$5.00. This shipping policy also applies for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Shipments require at least 4 minimum working days to arrive; some areas may require more days depending on the shipper.

9. Why is the product price for Hawaii/Alaska/Guam/Puerto Rico more expensive then for the US continent?

Since Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and Puerto Rico are located out of the US continent, there is an additional cost and procedure in shipping the products. However, shipping cost to the islands are charged the same as the continent.

10. Why is the sales tax calculated based on Retail Price

The Retail Price is the end user price, therefore, tax is incurred on the final price.

11. What does PV and SV stand for?

PV stands for Point Value. Different point values are assigned to different products. The points will accumulate month by month from your personal purchase and your group purchase. At the end of every month, the Total PV accumulated will reflect upon your latest position/rank (from 6% to 25%). SV stands for Sales Value. The bonus amount will accumulate from your personal and group purchase and be used to calculate the amount of Bonus that you will receive. *Please refer to the "Business Plan and the Policy and Procedure booklet" for more details on the calculation of the bonus and the requirements to achieve higher rankings.

12. Does the Independent distributor have to purchase a certain quantity of product every month?

There is NO monthly minimum requirement for the Independent Distributor. However, a member is required to have at least 30 Personal PV in order to receive Bonus. If the member ranking is above Star Agent, the required Group PV is 100 PV (including the 30 Personal PV) to entitle for the Development Bonus. For further details, please refer to the "Business Plan and Policies and Procedure Booklet."

13. When does the company send out the Bonus Check?

Bonus checks that are over USD$20.00, will be sent out on the 10th monthly to the Independent Distributor address stated on the application form. For bonus under USD$20.00, we are implementing E-bonus which member can easily auto-redeem on their next purchase.

14. Can the distributor request to have their genealogy printed?

Yes, The distributor can either print it out in the DXN Office (with fee) or through the DXN Website (AUToTrack System).

15. How can I start an International Sponsoring?

DXN Bonus Plan's seamless procedure allows members to sponsor friends or relatives in all countries worldwide where DXN has operation. Simply give your Name and ID Number to the prospective downline and request them to visit DXN's local office to process membership registration.

16. Do I need to maintain a minimum PV overseas?

No, you will only need to qualify and maintain your Personal PV at the country where you are registered. You can also choose to maintain your PV at the country that is most convenient for you. However, you must understand and follow the requirements and policies of that country. (You are limited to maintain PV in ONE country)

Features of DXN Marketing Plan

Business Opportunity

Features of DXN Marketing Plan

  • Global Plan - One World One Market, One Global Network
  • Energy Saving Plan- With upward compression mechanism
  • Low Pressure, High Reward - Low maintenance, high % of bonus payout
  • Enjoy Worldwide Profit Sharing And Overriding - International profit sharing, Leadership Bonus etc
  • Reward For Depth Expansion - Overriding bonus not limited to 5 generations
  • Better Reward For Width Expansion - Overriding % proportional to number of qualified lines
  • Flexible Network- Reward for both width and depth expansion
  • Fair Plan - Downline can overtake upline after they breakaway
  • Low Breakaway Target- Easily promoted and breakway from upline
  • Achievable Plan - Low target for promotion, low monthly maintenance for bonus
  • Retirement Plan- For high rank distributor, qualification PV can be borrowed
  • Win Win Plan - When downline promoted, upline will get better reward with higher %.
  • Combination Of static & Dynamic Plan - No drop in % for Distributor (6% - 21%); for SA and above, they are able to get higher % for better performance
  • 14 Ranks For Promotion - More recognition for distributors
  • Two Travel Seminar Incentives For Different Categories Of Qualifier - Taking care of both higher and lower level distributors.

2014. július 29., kedd

25.- 27. of July 2014 - II. European Leadership Camp

At II. European Leadership Camp is the place, where you can meet such sound names as Dr Lim, founder and CEO of companyDr Rajesh Savera , not only being a doctor  but he is very well experienced with our products, Mr Lee Gee Kow, CA - let us give him our hearty welcome as the first time in Europe, Shirish Sebastian, experienced trainer from whom you can learn a lot with your open mind, Roohi Salim - cosmetic trainer, Mr Jijith - International Marketing Director. Among the participants will be also Ms Jane Yau, ganotherapeutist and Laszló Kócsó who fast CA in the world in DXN!

2014. július 18., péntek

DXN the first and the market leader ganoderma MLM company.

With its headquarters in Malaysia, DXN lives by certain guiding principles in its day to day operation, these are; “One Dragon”, “One World One Market” and “One Mind”. DXN is dedicated in following through with all aspects of its business model from Cultivation and Processing all the way to the actual marketing of its Ganoderma enriched products direct to its consumers. This process has granted DXN global acclaim for its state of the art management system, research and development as well as the highest of quality products on the market today. DXN is the 28th biggest direct selling company in the world.
The DXN Ganoderma farm is well recognized for its unique traits in the cultivation of its high quality Ganoderma. These distinctions are the following: Suitable Climate - Warm and humid environment, with temperatures ranging from 26oC to 27oC. Clean Water - with pH maintained between 7.0 and 7.9. Fresh Air - the farms are located away from the populated and polluted areas to ensure that our products are free from toxins. Organic Cultivation - natural materials such as rice chaff and sawdust are used instead of fertiliser, insecticide and steroid. This method produces more than 200 kinds of primary and secondary elements such as enzyme, coenzyme, amino acid, vitamins, carbohydrate and other trace elements which help to improve the crop's quality, quantity, growth and resistance to pests. Tissue Culture Method - one million pieces of Ganoderma are produced from a highest quality single mother plant. Suspension Arrangement Method - used to avoid the pervasion of unwanted ingredients into the Ganoderma, thus the growth and quality of Ganoderma are assured.

2013. július 31., szerda

My DXN story!

Welcome to My Website! 

I'm Nagy Gabor!  
My story started after 40 years of disease - all summer long allergies, choking, coughing - I found informations about the chance for treatment and healing without medicines!
After this I’ve  turned towards the world of dietary supplements and found the opportunity of my healing with leaving all my meds!
As an entrepreneur, I’ve sympathized with the acquisition of MLM type of income for a long while but the methods I've seen and experienced were extraneous to me all the time. Although the products of the company were good for my health I was not interested in the business opportunity.
I have not been able to manipulate, mislead people, and invite them to buy expensive starter kits for join to a system which was full of built-in pressures and pitfalls. I thought there were only few people who were able to reach real passive income with less investment of hard work.
In 2008, however, due to a serious health problem and the failure of our traditional business I met with a company whose products had helped my full recovery. After knowing the business model of the company I could solve my financial problems too!
After I got acquainted with DXN and the amazing effects of Ganoderma I use DXN products with fully satisfaction and pleasure. The ganoderma coffee, cocoa and tea had become  favorites for my whole family. Dietary supplements of DXN help me to tide over the whole summer without medical symptoms.
DXN provided to me professional online tools and with the help of theese I could build an international network marketing business with using my computer at home over 3000 members in more than 40 countries. Nowadays I receive commissions after theese 3000 members’ consumptions!
Since the European market is opening now we are looking for leaders in all countries who could see the opportunity in the healthy Ganoderma coffee,  and a company that has been proven for 20 years already, it has 5 million members worldwide now, and that company assumes the 28th place amongst the top MLM companies.
In the next few years there will going to join at least one million people in Europe, and the incomes of this business activities would provide creature comforts for many European families! I’m already with them and if you’ll join us, we will do all our best for you and the members of your network to generate commissions to you with their each coffee consuming!
If you are interested in, it might be your best decision of your life to join us. I think not only your health, but your wallet would be happy about it too!